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"We connect people in growth markets!"

Freesen & Partner is active in two business segments:
- Consulting and Executive Search
- Exhibition and Conference Management


On the consulting side we have been successfully working for clients from the waste management and energy sector. This is based on long-standing experience, an extensive network, and in-depth industry knowledge. We provide strategic consulting, manage mergers & acquisitions, and help companies find key personnel. Further, we assist our clients in developing new markets, both domestically and abroad.


Developing new exhibitions and successfully positioning them in the market is one of our key strengths. We specialise in trade shows and conferences for the environmental, energy and renewables industries. Putting together events that pay off for vendors and buyers alike is our mission. We create trading floors for state-of-the-art technologies, internationally attended conferences, and connect the right people to help find solutions for burning issues such as reliable energy and raw materials supply. With our team of experienced, creative and customer-focused staff members we have been doing business for more than 15 years in Germany, Europe and North America.


Some of the trade shows that we launched:
- H2Expo, Hamburg, Germany
- Hydrogen Expo, alternating venues, USA
- Energy from Biomass and Waste (EBW US), Pittsburgh, PA, USA,
- Energy from Biomass and Waste (EBW UK), London, England
- Waste to Energy+Recycling, Bremen, Germany
- Clean Gas and Coal, Bremen, Germany

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